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Chevron Houston Marathon 2012


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It always frustrates me when I see something cool just happened in the city, and I missed it cause I didn't find out till too late...


It was pretty neat last year, worth popping by, if you don't otherwise have plans, or are close, but I wouldn't plan a day around it.

It'll be at disco green again, same as last year.

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I love this event. The kids at this event are insanely intelligent and will explain how their cars work inside the GRB. As a software developer, I loved getting demos of their software and how they had everything rigged up.

I also had an embarrassing moment last year when some of the college kids were demonstrating carbon fiber at their booth. They told me to give it everything and try to break it in half because it's "crazy strong". I asked if they were sure, they said "yeah it won't break"... and I snapped it in half. I felt so bad for the guy (who had a look like he was going to get in trouble), but he assured me it was fine.

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