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In doing research on former discount stores of College Station on my blog (already covered: Target, Walmart, Kmart, and even Gibson's), I want to know about FedMart, the store located on University (where Chimney Hill Shopping Center is now, the current incarnation). I recall I saw a newspaper clipping as to when FedMart opened, but I forgot. Apparently this FedMart had a grocery department, but was not original to the chain (possibly original to the store). It closed in 1983 with the chain.

Anyone have any more information/memories?

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Several years ago I acquired rights to the FedMart name; and at the same time I was consideringalso acquiring the Montgomery Wards name, which as you probably know ended up belonging to someone else.

At the moment, I am working to bring FedMart back; at first online, then in retail storefronts. I have studied Sol Price's business practices inside out; and I believe that mixed with Disney Imagineering management practices, FedMart will again become a household name. At first, Fedmart's website will be small, although we're planning that in the Fall of 2013, we will begin reopening FedMart stores.

The new FedMart will be a combination of Walmart, Sam's Club and Costco. Many regular sized itmes, with a lot of volume sized packaging. Groceries, featuring "locally grown" groceries; with as many as possible being GMO and pesticide free.



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I remember a store near Griggs Rd. and Mykawa Rd. where my parents went and bought our first new tv back in the mid 50's. I'm pretty sure it was a Fed-Mart, or something close to that.

Seems like they used play money, which seemed silly at the time, but you had to buy their money to buy their goods. At the time it was pretty good deals. :)

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