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Brookings Institution MetroMonitor

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The Brookings Institution (public policy think tank located in DC) released the 11th edition of the MetroMonitor in December. The MetroMonitor is an economic study of the nation's largest 100 metropolitan areas.

There's nothing very surprising about these figures, but the information is nicely compiled.

Houstonians may be interested to note that our metro area performs very well in these figures (as does Texas as a whole), including its rank as the #1 metro area in terms of economic growth since the most recent economic trough (third quarter of 2009) with a staggering 19.7% growth in the period since!

Here's the main link to the study: http://www.brookings.edu/metro/MetroMonitor.aspx

The link to the economic performance maps: http://www.brookings.edu/info/metromonitor/monitor_maps_dec11.aspx

The summary report: http://www.brookings.edu/reports/2011/0622_metro_monitor.aspx

And, the full report: http://www.brookings.edu/~/media/Files/Programs/Metro/metro_monitor/2011_12_metro_monitor/1215_metro_monitor.pdf

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