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Median needed on N Fry Rd to Saums

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I would like to throw this out in the hopes of getting the ball rolling on the much needed construction of a MEDIAN on Fry Rd North in the Katy area from I10 to SAUMS rd.

This stretch of road, especially near the Saums intersection is PLAGUED by IDIOTIC drivers continuously crossing all the lanes against full traffic causing wrecks almost EVERY DAY.

A full fledged MEDIAN to replace the center turn lane in this area would surely eliminate these wrecks. Throw in some transplanted oak trees to block the rest of the idiots from jumping the curb and we might have a safer stretch of road. It seems like it would be a fairly simple project. (Yes I know, funding etc)

With all of the seemingly 1000's of additional cars on the road in this area from new transplants I can only expect these wrecks to get worse in the future.

If anyone had any good tips or contacts on how I / we might go about this I would definitely appreciate it.

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