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Stafford is a city mostly in Fort Bend county but it also has a little portion in Harris.

Stafford was a part of Fort Bend ISD and Houston ISD, but it split off in the 1980's and formed the Stafford Municipal School District.

My youth minister lived in Stafford but he left and went to Ohio..

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Stafford's developing a fairly significant Indian, Pakistani and Middle Eastern presence, per my co-worker, who is Indian. It also seems Stafford's developing a bit of a reputation for itself for attracting smaller scale service outlets, like professional contractors, engineers and so forth. Lots of new office space being built up for these types of firms, especially along West Airport Blvd.

I wonder how the overall landscape of Stafford will look in about five to ten years. I have to assume that it's proximity to Sugar Land and Mo City and their growing upper middle income demographic helps in the longrun.

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Yes Stafford is home to the only MSD (municipal school district) in Texas from what I understand. All others are ISD (independent school districts).

I lived in Stafford for six months when I first moved here in 97. It was all about families and driving on the freeway to get somewhere.

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