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Children's Palace Toy Stores


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I don't know anything about Children's Palace, but I found this video on-line; it appears to be an advertisement for the place...


It appears that you can relive your childhood with these handy tees: http://www.80stees.com/products/Childrens-Palace-Shirt.asp ^_^

And I found these flyers from 1974 on-line: http://plaidstallions.blogspot.com/2009/03/1974-childrens-palace-toy-circular.html. They do not appear to be for Houston stores, however.

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I remember when Children's Palace opened in Bellaire. It would have been around '87 or '88 and they gave away free stuffed animals at the grand opening. It was located at the corner of Beechnut and 610 where the Home Depot is now. We used to ride our bikes to that store and spend (what seemed like) hours looking at the Nintendo games and GI Joes. Then, we would go across 610 to Meyerland Plaza where there was an arcade and drop our few precious quarters in the popular video games of the day. Good times.

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The only Children's Palace locations I remember were in The Commons at Willowbrook (FM 1960 near SH 249) and The Commons at Greenspoint (I-45 at Beltway 8). They opened in the late 80s and only lasted a few years. They didn't stand a chance against Toys R Us and the Willowbrook location was located across the street from one. I was a Toys R Us kid, so I can't comment on the stores themselves.

Edit: From the newspaper The Texan dated October 14, 1987:

Children's Palace had 3 locations in 1987;

South Cross Shopping Center
Katy Freeway in West Houston
Kleckley Drive in East Houston


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