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METRO Highly Rated For Transparency


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Got this e-mail today.

The New METRO set the bar last year by placing its check register online, earning a top rating from the Texas State Comptroller and this year, the agency raised it.

The Comptroller renewed the agency’s Gold Leadership Circle Award, scoring 18 of 20 possible points (compared to 13 of 15 in 2010) on the Comptroller’s improved rating criteria.

“We know we’re making progress towards the openness and transparency that will make us a trusted community partner, but it still means a lot when someone outside the Authority recognizes that fact,” said METRO President & CEO George Greanias.

METRO was scored on what the Comptroller classifies as major and minor criteria such as: check register, financial transparency webpage, easy access to financial documents in three clicks or less and searchable check registers, among others.

When the New METRO Board was sworn in a year-and-half ago, it recognized the importance of financial transparency in an effort to engage the community and build trust. METRO has since consolidated check registers, three years of budgets, three years of financial reports, bond disclosure documents, and instructions on filing an open records request onto a single webpage, click here.

The agency also streams its board meetings, committee meetings and public hearings live on its website.

The Gold Leadership Circle award is valid for a year at which point METRO can reapply for the distinction. When visiting the Comptroller’s website, you’ll find a gold insignia located next to METRO’s name, click here.

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Not to detract from the accomplishment, but...

Its worth noting that this is a metric of financial transparency, but that criticism of METRO on the transparency issue has primarily had to do with the disclosure of operational data, engineering plans and specifications, the specific terms of and parties to financial and real estate deals, etc. Constituents want to know what METRO is thinking and doing in a forward-looking neighborhood-level (or even site-specific) context, however even well-prepared or readily available financial statements do not communicate that.

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