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70's Contemporary Houses

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I have a house built in 1978. The interior is what I remember as a kid as the "contemporary" style. These type of houses have high ceilings in the living spaces, wide stair cases.....some have court yards, split level.

While considering a remodel of this type of house, my first inclination was to make it more "prairie" or "mid century" or "eclectic", things I like but are not specifically indicative of this type of house. The more I grow to appreciate my house, I think it should be what it is. Maybe, updated with textiles, fixtures and colors complimentary to the style of house rather than attempt to make it something it isn't.

Can anyone suggest resources for pictures of 70's contemporary? Were theses house ever in vogue and, perhaps, in national design/interior design magazines, or were they simply builders trying to be original (not a bad thing mind you).

Many of the mid century light fixtures, furniture, colors, etc would mix well with the seventies style....I think.

Just looking for some 1970s inspiration. Any input is appreciated.

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How did your renovation go? My wife and I are working on the same thing. We just bought a house in Bear Creek and are looking to go the Sea Ranch route. But you're right, mid-century works pretty well in these houses. 

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