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Pop-up Ad Blocks Signon

John Rich

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HAIF doesn't have pop-up ads. Not ever since we went online almost ten years ago. Occasionally one of our advertising providers would sneak one in, but after doing it too many times, we pulled all of that company's ads from HAIF.

HAIF does have expandable ads. For example, a wide banner ad that may expand if you move your mouse over it. Also, the log-in page has fewer ads than a regular HAIF page.

What you're showing in your screen shot is two different ads. One, the Blurb ad, is being served by HAIF. The Google ad -- that's not us.

From the fonts in your screenshot, it looks like you're running Windows. Here are the possibilities off the top of my head:

  • An Internet Explorer rendering error that is moving the ad from the bottom of the page up to the place where you see it. Considering all the display flaws, and security problems with Internet Explorer, it's probably time for you to upgrade to a standards-compliant browser. Just 45% of HAIF visitors still use IE.
  • A piece of cruftware is in your Windows box adding extra ads to the web page. Sometimes these are installed by the people who make your computer. Sometimes they ride along with other software you install yourself. Sometimes they just find your box and install themselves over the internet. The fact that this is showing a generic Google ad makes me think this is likely. Google knows HAIF well enough that generic ads are pretty unlikely.
  • Your ISP is inserting ads into the web page. This is becoming more and more common, even with large ISPs like cable companies. Some day I hope one of the large companies like NYTimes.com takes an ISP to court for this.

Again, these are just possibilities off the top of my head. Yours is the first compliant I've heard about this. If anyone else is seeing this, please let me know. And if anyone else has any other theories, please post them here.

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Thanks for all the suggestions.

My browsers range from old Netscape, to IE, to Firefox. I got around the popup by disabling Javascripts, then refreshing the screen, which gave me the signon box again without the ad overlay. Then after signing in, I re-enabled Javascripts. Maybe I touched something with my cursor that made that appear. It was annoying because I didn't even have an "x" option to delete the ad - it was stuck there and wouldn't move out of my way! It didn't happen today when I brought up HAIF...

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