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Bucho's Purple Onion Coffee House At 2305 S. Shepherd Dr.


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Where was this Located?

An 80s-90s article from the Press or Chronicle said there were 5 coffeehouses on San Jacinto in 1957.

I believe one may have been La Maison.This was late 1960. Does anyone know if it was somewhere else.

The peak of popularity according to Google listings was 1959-1960. Apparently Arnett Cobb played there


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think maybe it did start out on San Jacinto but when I went there it was in an old church on Bagby (I think) for a while but then moved to Richmond Ave around 1966. Seems like it was only a couple of blocks from Sand Mountain, a great coffeehouse. I think it ended up back in the church at the end of the 60s.

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On 8/19/2018 at 10:37 PM, Rexster314 said:

I saw this name tonight on this post. Pucho. Around the late 60's my future and ex wife were walking down around Market Square and we ate at a place called Mama Pucho's. Could this be related to Purple Onion?

When I was 17 back in 1972 my friends and I would drive to Market Square and find a table at Mama Pucho's. Ice cold inexpensive pitchers of beer, brick walls that were open to the Houston summer sky. No questions or ID's asked for. Fond memories. This is the first I have heard it mentioned in many moons. 

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  • The title was changed to A Night In Houston 1960 Puchos Purple Onion
  • The title was changed to Bucho's Purple Onion Coffee House At 2305 S. Shepherd Dr.

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