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Here are a few of the photos I am able to share.

As you can see, I haven't truly figured out exposures and speeds yet, but I hope this is able to show off what this camera can do.

All photos haven't been retouched with the exception of the officers' memorial.






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if you're not dead-set on an SLR, then you might want to take a look at some of the micro-four-thirds cameras. Some of them look pretty outstanding, and the lens selection is interchangeable between vendors, if I understand correctly.

You're correct, any camera or lens in the M4/3 system is interchangeable, the regular 4/3 lenses are usable on M4/3 bodies, if you get an adapter. and there are some extremely high quality lenses available for the 4/3 system.

I've carried a 4/3 camera since the e330 was new (not sure when it came out, but I got it when new) and really enjoy it. the body is long in the tooth, I am trying to time it right where I can get a pro body replacement for cheap though...

the biggest failing of the 4/3 system is high iso photo quality being not great (and some of the older entry level bodies don't have very good dynamic range, but that seems to be pretty well sorted now), but a lot of the M4/3 (prime) lenses have great apertures and are very cost effective. And really, why get a camera that can change lenses if you aren't going to use primes?

a lot of the DSLR options are overkill for what regular people shoot, and the real benefit is a fast high quality autofocus in the body, and the quality of the lenses. of course, fast AF may not be something you are concerned about, depending on what you're shooting, but good lenses are extremely important, I'd even say more important than the body. a great lens (if you stay in the same system) will last a long time, where a camera body you will want to upgrade every couple of years.

I'm a bad resource though, as I am a HUGE homer for Olympus and the 4/3 system...

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