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In Between The Houston & Katy Lines Surrounding The New Hospital

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Hello I am very new to this forum. I have always been reading and catching up with certain topics but I have to finally post something here.

By any chance does anyone know what in the world is being built on Greenhouse & Saums in between Park row & Saums near I-10 Katy Freeway?

Hospitals have already been built and now a retirement community is in the works as we speak on Greenhouse. Construction starts everyday 6am they are pretty much digging right at my fence line only giving us one morning to sleep in which is Sundays.

I have looked everywhere from Harris County & City of Houston sites to see if I can find anything but no luck on my part. Does anyone have a clue where to look.

I am just praying & praying that apartments will not be built in my backyard. It all seems like it is commerical sites I would think because of the hospitals pretty much picking what they want near them.

Any ideas? Oh and I am talking about the space right near the cement factory closest to the homes which the backyards are facing Greenhouse.

Thanks in advance!!!

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