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Burj Khalifa suicide

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According to the AP, a man jumped from the 147th floor of the world's tallest building in Dubai and landed on a deck located on the 108th floor.

Link: http://www.huffingto...g_n_859897.html


If I wanna snuff myself out at an iconic building, I want my ride to last a bit longer.

Saw the photos on another website earlier this morning. truly a shame, though. He should have jumped from a different part of the building and gotten more distance.

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It's hard to do with the setbacks. I remember a guy taking a header off the top of Carew Tower in Cincinnati (50 stories), but he only made it down about 20 before splatting on a setback. At least he was interesting, and videotaped the whole thing. The camcorder didn't survive, but the tape did and made the usual rounds.

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