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Construction At FM 1093 And Grand Parkway

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Looks like ther is ground work for new construction on the NE corner of 1093 and Grand Parkway (across from the new Fort Bend County building). I heard quite a while back that this was going to be a shopping center. Does anyone have any details?

I suppose this is the beginnings of Grand Corners. From what I read, it is 100% leased with Bed, Bath and Beyond as the major tennant.

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I believe that Grand Corners as it was originally planned is dead in the water.  That property was sold last year and this past March there was a hearing concerning a partial replat of the site, and the documentation showed that the owner is Cosmos Foundation, Inc.   It seems that Cosmos Foundation is a non-profit that runs Harmony schools throughout Texas.  

Further internet digging shows that on April 12 there is a public hearing to determine whether or not to issue some $90 million in bonds in order to loan CF the money  to build/upgrade various facilities throughout Texas, including:

"(34) financing certain costs for site improvements, design, construction, renovation, and/or equipment of educational facilities, including the construction of an approximately 59,500 square foot building, all located at Harmony Teacher School, Westpark Tollway at Grand Parkway, Katy, Texas"

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When Grand Corners fell apart..I heard the Bed Bath beyond decided to move over next to the walmart. According to a past site plan from moodyrambin....a Bed bath store is suppose to go next to Kohls....I heard that it is not a bed bath and beyond...but will be a BuyBuyBaby...owned by Bed Bath Beyond....supposedly they are entering the Houston Market this year.... makes sense since they have stores at west oaks and katy mills...can anyone confirm?

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