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Houston 2010 Census results


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Houston's population now stands at 2,099,451. The city has already committed to challenge these numbers.

My first area of question is downtown. Composed of 2 Census Tracts, this is what we get....

Population for Downtown Houston (2010 Census)

Census tract 1000: 4,690 (6667 in C 2000)

Census tract 2101: 9,652 (5201 in C 2000)

total: 14,342 (11,868 in C 2000)

(I looked these up using the American FactFinder, but Greg's Opinion has already done this with comprehensive maps.)

CT 1000 is the primary tract for Downtown Houston, while 2101 is the portion north of the Bayou (which also includes the Harris County Jail). Am I missing something here?? How did Downtown Houston lose so many people, even after having several hundred new residential units come on line? One Park Place, Franklin Lofts and St. Germain didn't even exist (as housing) in 2000!!!

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Most of the people that get counted as living downtown are group quarters populations, including those in prisons, shelters, and targeted non-sheltered outdoor locations (TNSOL). What the decline most likely reflects is that jail facilities formerly located downtown were closed, jail facilities north of downtown were expanded, and that there has been a recent decrease in the crime rate. Additionally, it may be that homelessness is down or (more likely) has shifted geographically to census tracts just beyond downtown.

There is nothing at all that is counterintuitive about these data points.

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