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Advice on Odors Impacting Home Sale


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Looking for advise how to research the impact of odors on home sales/valuation. Looks like there is going to be a new restaurant VERY close to my home that emits A LOT of cooking odors. I have been there 10 years, the location was an empty lot when I bought, then a law office was built now a local restaurant bought the building and is moving in.

I am sure if I don’t want to smell a restaurant at my home, there are many people out there that would not buy my house cause they don’t want to smell the odor either. Any thoughts on how to determine financial impact or stories of how others have had sales impacted by odors/smells?


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Most new restaurants have pretty good ventilation and filtration and you barely smell any cooking odors around the building. I usually notice the smell of cooking from restaurants in older buildings. I know there a place I used to live at, that down the street there was a pizza place and an exhaust fan right on the sidewalk. You couldn't smell the pizza baking until you were right beside the building but it was a lovely smell to me and always made my mouth water. Is your home separated by a parking lot or something between the actual restaurant building and your home? If so, the smell should rise up into the air and not bother you or potential buyers.

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