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Silly Jilly coming to KKHH Hot 97.5


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There's a brief note in the Chicago Tribune that DJ "Silly Jilly" is leaving WKSC Kiss-FM in Chicago to join Hot 97.5 in Houston. It's not one of the stations I listen to, so I can't give you a heads up on how she is as a jock.

I've never even heard of her, so I have no idea what she sounds like. But, thanks to Mike McGuff, here's what she looks like. http://houston.bloggerspub.com/index.php?s=krbe

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Just a little clarification, KKHH is located at 95.7, the old dial setting for KIKK 96 and later smooth jazz "The Wave". Had me nervous for a minute that Mike and Mike were being replaced in the mornings at ESPN 97.5.

I am sure she'll be a welcome addition to their "MORNING ZOO !!!!" Honk Honk.......Wakka wakka....Beep beep.....<----insert laughtrack here) !!!

Tjones, you forgot one. "What's the phrase that pays?!?!"

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