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Railroad Spur Off 105/FM 1314


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If you've ever been into Conroe via 105, at Porter Rd. (FM 1314) there's a strange spur that crosses across the intersection (link) and ends abruptly at a gate. A dusty plot remains in that area, but as of 1995 there was a full factory, or SOMETHING there. It strikes me as being strange because not only did it cross the intersection to begin with (and left hand turns are permitted) and the strange, fairly sharp angles, but it's still connected to the main line and the railroad crossings intact...as if a train would come occasionally.

Does anyone know more about this spur?

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Being surprised by a train on the spur was a real treat back when the plant was operating! There were two creosote plants in Conroe back in the 60 -70s. The location of the one off Second St was a Superfund site for years. I'm not sure if the site on 105E was or not, but the groundwater in the area was supposedly contaminated.

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