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What's The Future Of NASA?

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Money isn't NASA's only problem, but it has been its biggest problem for decades. NASA is one of the most successful agencies in history, providing the best return on investment of any government agency in my lifetime.

My main concerns with NASA's plans going forward include the decision to ground the space shuttle, the woefully inadequate funding for the last several decades and the absence of a space program that will restore the sense of wonder and adventure to space exploration that we knew in the 1960s.


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Idea 1: Pressure our congressmen to pass legislation that mandates hurricane relief funding based on a formula taking into account population within the declared disaster area and have it apply retroactively (with compounding interest) to 2005. Bankrupt Louisiana and garnish their tax revenues for decades to come. Allocate those funds to the JSC under the header of 'Past Due Hurricane Relief'.

Idea 2: Borrow $1 trillion from Third World countries in order to weaponize space and hold the Third World hostage for $2 trillion on the basis of that, "Dey took r' jobs!" Use a portion of the tribute to pay down the new debt so that foreign investors in dollar-denominated assets remain confident, interest rates remain low, and so Americans can continue buying more inexpensive foreign-made goods than we really need.

Idea 3: Tell the public that we need to colonize Alpha Centauri in order to win Sid Meyer's Civ3. Tell them that if we don't, the Babylonians might win.

Idea 4: Give up non-commercial space exploration until such time as it becomes a verifiable national security issue. Let the international community do it for us.

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