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All-Night Taco Place Near Rice University

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I remember my cousin (not the one that had the light rail discussion with me, his sister) once told me that when she went to Rice, there was a late-night taco joint (before late-night fast food became popular, this was around 2000) that was close enough to the dorms that people could walk there barefoot. Do you know what/where this taco joint was called? It wasn't called Taco Bell, or anything...

And is it still there?

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The late-night taco joint that comes to mind for me is Taco Cabana. When I was at Rice, it was Two Pesos. The one on Main and the one on Kirby are more or less equally close. Neither is walking distance.

I think there was a Berryhill's in the Village shopping center on University, maybe on the second floor. Not sure if it's still there. That's the only thing I can think of that would be remotely walkable from Rice, and even then only for the experienced barefoot walker.

Unless there was something in the Med Center I didn't know about.

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