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Guessing Game XXI


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If you 100% for sure know the answer, answer in a way that hides the location in your response yet is obvious to me that you do know. That way others can keep on guessing and have a little fun. Maybe even throw out a few misleading clues to throw off the others, Etc..)

Example: City is 100% Venice, Italy. Your response might be "Robin Trower liked that city" Since one of Robin Trowers albums was Bridge of Sighs.

Winning Guessers:

If you win the game it is your turn to start a new Guessing Game. It seems a few folks are winning then exiting the building leaving others hanging. If you win and don't feel up to starting a new game then let the person know who started the game so the second correct guesser can start one. Nothing twists my britches more than someone winning then leaves everyone hanging day after day after day by not starting a new game. It's not that hard folks. If you are not up to starting a new game then let the original poster know that. Simple.

With that said and since the last winner from last week never responded to PM's here is GGXXI





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