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In case anyone is interested, I've added captions.


Delaware Park


Buffalo and Erie County Botanical Gardens


Niagara Frontier Transit Authority Rail subway station


The Peace Bridge across the Niagara River with Ontario in the background.

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how bout Philly.

Mmm. Now I want a cheesesteak. Keep trying.


The Famous Anchor Bar (purportedly the birthplace of Buffalo wings). Schwinn recognized this. A HAIFER making a food connection, go figure.

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Good guesses. Keep trying. I have to go to bed now. I'll post more tomorrow.


Pittsburgh, Pa?

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I think its American. And despite some of the small-town feel photos, there's only so many places with subway.

how bout Philly.

I agree with the american side..... Looking at the two dudes from the subway picture I realized that I was stretching my first guess too much. I like the Philly guess.

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My great, great grandfather out west used to make a lot of jerky out of these. Them damn injuns, if it wasn't for them Custer would have made a fortune off of those things.

What are Prairie Dogs, Alex ?

I was going to say boston before i read this... but I'd be willing to bet a couple C Bills that it's not boston now.

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Buffalo skyline from Lake Erie


vigil in Niagara Square


Skyline from the Niagara River


[read the barricade]


North end of downtown where the Trains anscend to/descend from the Main Street pedestrian mall. Outside of downtown, the trains go subway up to the south campus of the University at Buffalo.

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