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Thieves park and pilfer at Park 'N Ride lot

08:51 AM CDT on Thursday, April 21, 2005

By Jeff McShan / 11 News

More than a dozen angry commuters could be found among the shattered glass and broken car locks at a Park 'N Ride lot at the Addicks location on Old Katy Road in the far west side of Houston.

As each bus pulled into the lot, more and more passengers, like Noelle Stewart, immediately reached for their cell phones.

"I said whoever did this job over here, they was having party with the cars for a long time. There wasn't no police, no security, no nothing," says one victim.

All of the victims were surprised by the lack of security. There are cameras and security tower, but no one was inside.


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And according to the article, those cameras don't even point at the parking lot. Nice. Now all of those people who were doing the right thing by using the Park-and-Ride are going to squeeze themselves onto the freeways to get to work now. Thanks, Metro. Thanks for nothing.

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  • The title was changed to METRO Park & Ride- Addicks
  • 1 year later...

It'll be interesting to see where this goes.



Metro pursuing redevelopment of Addicks lot as first step in public-private strategy

Dug Begley
June 27, 2023

Officials will ask companies to submit broad development proposals for how to use 28 acres at the Addicks Park and Ride, a few hundred feet east of where Texas 6 crosses Interstate 10. Though the Energy Corridor area south of I-10 has been densely developed, and seen unprecedented growth in the past decade, the portion north of the freeway, sandwiched between the interstate and Addicks Resevoir, has been built less, but with increasing redevelopment.

Use of the site could include both commercial and residential uses, Metro chairman Sanjay Ramabhadran said. The aim, he stressed, focused on linking transit and people’s lifestyles.

“We want a destination where those who want to choose to, can live next to transit,” Ramabhadran said.

The only parameters from Metro will be maintaining either the existing level of service, or what they think they will need later, Metro CEO Tom Lambert said. How that is arranged, from bus bays and parking to where someone stands or sit to wait for a bus, will be part of the designs, but open to interpretation, he said.


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