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At some time in the next couple of days, HAIF will go offline for maintenance. This is to fix a security flaw. Unfortunately, I don't know exactly when it will happen. All I know is that it won't be during business hours Eastern time, and it should take about five minutes.

So if at some point in the next few days you try to hit HAIF to get your fix and you can't -- don't panic! Try again in a few minutes and hopefully all will be well.

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And then we can use PMs again?

It's unrelated. The security upgrade is related to the server's operating system (BSD), not the forum software.

I have received a couple of requests to loosen the posting frequency restrictions on PMs, and I've done that this morning. But if the spam threat rises again it will have to be clamped down again.

It's hard to say if the spam threat will be mitigated in the new forum software (now in the release candidate stage) that is coming, because it's not being done by a bot or a script, but by actual people. We'll see.

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