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Video: Seoul, South Korea time lapse

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you should have had the maid fired...

If it was a better view or a better city I might be upset, but she didn't ruin all that much.

They make tapes or SD memory cards that can record for 8+ hours ?

I use the Remote Capture software to capture high resolution stills every 8 seconds with a Canon camera tethered to my computer. Then Quicktime automagically mashes the stills together into a movie using the frame rate of my choice.

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You're lucky the maid didn't have sticky fingers.

It's a Sofitel in Asia, not a Microtel on Harwin.

Most maids are afraid to get near my little setup. They see all the wires and lights and the thing making a beep noise every eight seconds and they stay away.

You're right, though -- I should get a Kensingston lock for when I make time lapses in America.

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