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All about your fellow HAIFers


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There's some interesting Q&A going on in this thread about HAIF and the people you see (and don't see) here every day.

About a month ago I installed a new piece of software that gathers information about HAIF and the HAIFers. Nothing personal, but statistics about what kinds of computers people use and when and where they HAIF.

Some of the interesting things that popped up are:

- Only 2.25% of HAIFers connect via dialup.

- An average of 35 people a day HAIF from their iPhones.

- There are several thousand people who HAIF seven days a week.

Other people are asking for other information and when I can provide it, I am. So if you have any curiosities about HAIF you'd like to get off your chest, this thread is your opportunity:


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