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Photography-Design Studio Space Needed

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Greetings, I was wanting some input! I am a 23 year old new freelance photographer\graphic designer, marketing guru. I love history, and older buildings with original facades. I went to college for architecture, and after graduation decided to become a photographer and graphic artist. I am now trying to invest in studio space. I am from Bryan, TX where I love the historic downtown area, and I was hoping to find some cheap loft style space here in Houston for a studio. I don't want anything massive, just something nice in maybe a upcoming area like off Washington Ave, The Montrose area or close to the warehouses. Looking for about 300-700 sq feet, nothing too fancy, just nice enough for me to work out of. I would even be willing to do some of my own cosmetic work. If any of you have any input of ideas please let me know. My budget is kinda low since I am starting out and still buying equipment! Thanks in advance! terrance.o.gilbert@gmail.com for direct responses!


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Check out Dakota Lofts. It's not the cheapest place, but it's very close to downtown and is a real loft building (an old paint warehouse), not a faux "soft loft."

Even if Dakota's out of your price range, walk around the neighborhood. Many of the old buildings there are artists' lofts. Also check out some of the old warehouse buildings just north and west of Minute Maid Park.

If you're looking for something that's not live-in, check Mother Dog studios next to Dakota.

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