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Klein ISD: New High School On Spring Cypress At Old Louetta


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It is going to be a new high school in KISD. A middle school, eventually, too - I think.

Oh wow! That's good to know. I'm kinda glad it's not going ot be a big retail store or shopping strip. Traffic can already get pretty bad on that stretch. Just have to deal with a school zone.


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Once complete it will take over most of the open area and Cutten Road is supposed to go right through from Louetta to Spring-Cypress.

I didn't realize they were putting Cutten all the way through. Not good news for those living on Cutten in Majestic Oaks.

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Does anyone have an updated attendance zone map for this new intermediate? Is it Ulrich Intermediate? The last I saw was maybe two years old and the boundaries separated neighborhoods and left long distance drives for others (as did the new high school and other planned intermediate). At the time I last viewed, it appeared to be mapped based on land markers versus parent/student/tax payer friendliness. I'm not a zoning expert so perhaps land markers is the best way...but not most friendly for sure.

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