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Any Big Projects Planned along I-10 in Beaumont?


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From an article in The Examiner:

The discovery of what has been termed a loophole by some to gain easement rights along both sides of the Interstate 10 frontage road from Walden Road to Major Drive has opened up a potential goldmine from commercial property investment in Beaumont, according to city officials.

Another article in the same paper mentioned that BISD is looking to build their new athletic complex out there and that Phelan Investments is trying to get a hotel chain and restuarant by Ford Park. I've always wondered by there was no development along this stretch of highway, even after the access roads were put in. Does any one know of any other projects planned for this area? Phelan Investments owns a lot of this land and it sounds like they've been wanting to development this area for a long time.

I found the last paragraph a little strange:

"A lot of people don't know that yet. It has to be a connector street. It can't just be a street named "Jerry." It has to tie in from Brooks Road, Major Drive or Highway 124. From what I understand, they have been doing this all over Texas, so this is not unique to Jefferson County. We just found out about it."

What took them so long to find out about it?

Links: Anatomy of a Windfall and Bump in the road for BISD

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Thanks UNLV for the update on BISD's new stadium. If the economy doesn't stay in the dumps too long we could see a lot more development in this area real soon.

The Penland-Umphrey group is looking into building a Motocross track at Ford Park and they just built the Cowboy Badlands Motocross park just down the interstate. Link: Motocross track proposed for Ford Park

And in April a Houston developer bought 500 acres just south of Ford Park that could be used for residential development and other uses. Link: Interstate land purchase gives hint of westward growth pattern for Beaumont

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BISD board OKs scoreboard; it will be among Texas' largest


October 15, 2009

Posted: October 15, 2009, 4:29 PM CDT Last updated: October 16, 2009, 7:47 AM CDT

Beaumont ISD will soon be able to claim one of the largest scoreboards in Texas, thanks to a board-approved purchase of almost $1 million.


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