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Pierson & Co. BBQ At 5110 W. TC Jester Blvd.

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Good Q has returned to Mansfield Street, just blocks from the late Williams Smokehouse, at Mansfield and TC Jester.

Open only 5 months and the Pierson's are really nice folks. The Q is East Texas style with a slightly sweet sauce - very, very tender meats, very meaty ribs, home-made beef sausage, excellent brisket (maybe better than Williams - I had a piece with a half-inch smoke ring), also ham, pork butt and turkey. They're being very generous with the portions and free samples.

Sides are only a slightly sweet potato salad and slightly sweet beans (with meat and peppers - could serve as a chili). You can also have baked potatoes. Desserts include home-made peach cobbler and bread pudding.

Only limited facilities for eating - a narrow counter along one wall. Most people do take-out but there's a nice park along TC Jester a mile south.

This is a very promising new place.

They close by about 6pm and are closed on Sun/Mon.

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