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Man behind the Burj Dubai pushing an "Eco Harbor" for Chicago

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I think it's neat, and also hate that they trot out the 'tourist' argument. But it's OK. People said the same thing about Navy Pier. I think there is some serious money there. An absolute killing on boat slips. You could pay for your ops along the bridge with that revenue, and then some, I would guess.

Those spaces could go for as much as a condo in DT Houston, don't you think?

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Yeah, Navy Pier went from nothing to the #1 tourist attraction in the Midwest in under ten years. Millennium Park went from a rail yard to the #3 tourist attraction in Illinois in 2 years. These days in Chicago if you say "tourist" it gets people's attention.

You're right about the boat slips, too. There is a massive demand for boat moorings along that part of the shoreline. The waiting list is decades long, and when people die they leave their spots in their wills to their heirs, even though that is technically against the rules.

I don't know what a new slip goes for, but a measly stardock assignment rents for $5,000 for the season (May 1-October 31).

I know it would ruin the historical character of Buffalo Bayou, but it would be neat to see it dredged so that more pleasure craft could make it into downtown Houston. I've only seen the occasional houseboat.

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