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Village At West University: Multifamily At 5151 Edloe St.


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Hi everyone!

Hope you have a great sunny Sunday in Houston like we have it in Paris today. My dear husband found an appartment for us at The Village and he loves it. It's within our price range, its big, but location is not exactly what I wanted/planned.

Did anyone lived at that condo? or in that area (77005, West University)? Was it good? Is it safe? How would you describe the neighbourhood in general? This condo was built in 1999 (6 years old). Would you consider it new or is it the time when things start breaking?

Any oppinions and replies are very appreciated!


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I lived in a garage apartment in the Village for a few years. Never a mishap with me although the girls living in the main house had a problem with a serial peeping tom (not me, I swear). I'm sure that was a isolated event that could have happened anywhere. Walking around the village is very safe. I am very envious, I'd love to live in that neighborhood again.

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  • The title was changed to The Village At West University
  • The title was changed to Village At West University: Multifamily At 5151 Edloe St.

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