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What's A Poor Schmuck To Do?

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I had a contractor come teear down a 2nd story deck and start a replacement.

I stopped the construction after they did not put up a ledger (frame is lagged directly to the house through the hardi-plank lapboard), set posts in concrete footings 6 " under ground (major water rot waiting to happen), got caught trying to get away with placing floor joists 48" apart, and built the deck frame 2.5" out of square (leaving the floor board over hang 4 inches at one end and 1.5" at the other).

This crew had the expertise of a fencing crew at best.

My question is: What do you feel is fair compensation for the contractor to just go away and let me finish the deck myself?

I have offered to pay retail for the meterials and for the cost of demolishing the deck, (Which is still sitting in a pile in my back yard.)

The contractor is asking for materials and compensation for demolition and construction to date.

Would you pay for something that must be torn down and re-constructed?

What say?

I would appreciate input from contractors as well as consumers.

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I would pay for the demolition and NOTHING else. I would walk around with him and point out ALL his flaws and shoddy workmanship, and tell him/her WHY you aren't gonna pay for anything else. I think paying for the materials is more than fair, especially if he has already paid for them out of his pocket and you still want to use them. I would just price it out from Home Depot, which is probably where he/she bought the stuff, and pay accordingly. I would NOT pay for ANY shoddy construction as it sounds like you are gonna have to pull it all down again and start over anyways in order to do it right. Make sure you take pictures of it all, just in case he/she decides to go to court over the matter. You will need that evidence to prove your case.

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