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A Way For You To Help Spread Haif


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Over the last five years or so we've had a number of requests from people who want some kind of "official" way to help them spread the gospel of HAIF. We understand that "www -dot- houston architecture -dot- info -slash- haif" doesn't exactly roll off the tongue easily in casual conversation. And "www.TheHAIF.com" isn't all that much better. That's why we've come up with a visual way to help you let people know about HAIF. They're HAIF cards:



The cards are the size of regular business cards so they're easy to carry with you, but they're all glossy and pretty to attract attention. To get your hands on some HAIF cards, just send a PM to Editor with your mailing address and you'll get some for free to give to your friends, family, strangers, doctor, barber, alderman, or whomever.

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