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What If You're Allergic To Sago In Cinco Ranch?


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as seen on Cinco Ranch Property Owners Association website:

Sago Palms and Other Approved Front Yard Landscaping

By: Leslie Jennings

Deed Restriction Administrator

As fall and winter approaches more and more Homeowners are submitting applications for Modifications and Improvements for their property. One of our common requests is information for landscaping in the front yard so that accurate Modification Applications may be submitted. Cinco Ranch has Guidelines for front yard landscaping including an approved tree, plant and shrub list for all Residential properties. We encourage all Residents to stop by the Association office for a copy of the Guidelines for landscaping improvements prior to submitting their Modification Application to prevent unnecessary delays.

We would also like to remind all Residents that the Sago palm is the approved front yard Palm shrub for the community. Other types of Palms (trees and shrubs) that are not approved plantings for front yards must be removed/replaced with an approved plant selection from the list.

Please be advised that if you do have an unapproved Palm tree or shrub in your front yard the Association may send you a letter requesting removal. If your builder installed the palm as a part of new construction planting, please contact your builder for an approved replacement from the master list. Every property owner is asked to support the Association in its efforts to protect the appearance of the homes in the community. Your support as a good neighbor helps to protect and enhance the property values in the community.

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