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Future City Competition

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Schedule - Overall

School/Team Registration Deadline: October 25th, 2004

Phase I 10/25-12/01/2004 ...Computer Design (disk & printout) delivery by 12/01/04

-Design the City; average hours spent by the team,18; disk and poster printout deadline, December 1, 2004

Phase II 10/25- Local Competition

01/28-29/05 - Regional... Building MODEL- (30Wx60Lx24H) bring to the Regional

Build a Model; average hours spent, 40; work from October 25, 2004 to January 21, 2005 Regional Competition:

Oral presentation at the local finals; average hours spent, 7

Team must explain their city design in a 7 minute presentation and answer questions asked by the judges for an additional 8 minutes.

Phase III 10/25- Local Competition

01/22/05 - Regional ...Essay and Abstract (500 words delivered by 1/22/2005) - Oral at the Regional

Essay, 500 words with 100 word abstract of their city; average hour spent, 8;

Work from December 2, 2004 to January 21, 2005.

Essay will be judged separately and given to competition judges prior to the competition.

National Competition February 19-24, 2005, Washington D.C.


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