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Tomjanovich Resigns As Lakers Coach, Citing Health


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Tomjanovich resigns as Lakers coach, citing health reasons

By JOHN NADEL, AP Sports Writer

February 2, 2005

AP - Feb 2, 3:24 pm EST

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EL SEGUNDO, Calif. (AP) -- Rudy Tomjanovich resigned as coach of the Los Angeles Lakers on Wednesday, citing health concerns brought on by the job.

``There are no outside influences, be it pressure from above, anything to do with my players or being here in Los Angeles,'' he said. ``This is all about me and how I'm wired. Nobody put pressure on me but me.''

Tomjanovich, 56, went 22-19 in his first season as Phil Jackson's successor and with a revamped lineup built around Kobe Bryant. Assistant coach Frank Hamblen led the Lakers to a 2-0 record when Tomjanovich missed their last two games because of a stomach virus and a sinus infection.

Tomjanovich, who led the Houston Rockets to NBA titles in 1994 and 1995, returned to coaching after recovering from bladder cancer.

He said that he began wearing down mentally and physically about a month ago.

``I went from this energetic, pumped up guy to being sapped of a lot of energy,'' Tomjanovich said, adding that he takes antibiotics regularly now. ``It just seems like I got deeper into not feeling good. Why this happened now and why my body couldn't take it, I do not have the answer.''

Tomjanovich said the Lakers offered him a consulting position for two years.

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