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Sin City, Ohio

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I did two years in Cincinnati. It's a surprisingly nice city. Very clean and very safe (except for the Over-The-Rhine neighborhood). A TON of great history and good museums.


The tall building in the center is the Carew Tower, an Art Deco masterpiece inside and out. At 50 stories, it's the tallest building in the city, and has a mall at its base which is still all in black marble and brass Art Deco. It's like shopping inside a streamline dream. There's a public observation deck on the roof, and it has no fencing so you can lean over and look down. You can see Ohio, Indiana, and Kentucky from the top. Because there's no fence people occasionally use it to end their lives. About two or three times a year when I lived there. I remember once a guy brought a video camera with him. Naturally, the camera didn't survive the impact but the tape did. It was very disappointing to watch. Mostly just shakycam of light blue (presumably the sky) and the whoosh of wind. Somehow the guy managed to miss most of the building's setbacks on the way down. The tall glass and stone building in the right pane is the Cincinnati Enquirer headquarters. It puts the Houston Chronicle's building to shame. Cincinnati is a very good media town. People are passionate about their radio, TV, and newspapers. There are still four big newspapers, plus assorted small ones. At the base of the Enquirer building is a building that looks like three large sheds. It's the National Underground Railroad Museum. I haven't been there, as it was completed after I left. But it was built on an amazing new park that was reclaimed by decking over 15 lanes of I-71 and I-471.


I'm pretty sure the brown buildings on the left are Rivercenter, which is notable because it was the headquarters of Jacor, which became Clear Channel, and it's where most of the company is still run from (the San Antonio "headquarters" is mostly for tax purposes).

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