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There are always seem to be conflicting signals regarding salaries in msn type of reports and articles. When reports come out everyone I know claims to make more than the averages but sometimes I wonder. I know there are multiple factors involved but I wonder how much people are making in terms of annual salary these days. Salaries tend to get inflated and golf scores deflated but since no one knows or cares can you share what is your salary? Let's start with base salary before taxes and keep bonuses, profit sharing out of it - but if you have to list it at least specify that it is incremental. It will help if you list your occupation also. I am just curious. Relative to other houstonians am I on the low end, middle, high end?

You aren't likely to get a representative sample from this group. Just bear in mind that the results will measure what is typical of HAIFers, not so much Houstonians.

Also, you might consider setting up a poll to keep answers anonymous, as some of us have coworkers that look at the site. You can also set it up to ask some demographic questions, which would allow you to better correct for where you are right now in your career.

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