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Minneapolis skyline pictures

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Nice photos! I was recently in Minneapolis and took some photos while in the Mills District:

Looking back at the CBD from the old Milwaukee Depot, which was converted to a hotel and indoor water park.


New condos and development at the edge of the Mills district.


The old buildings have been converted to lofts; the silo has been turned into the Mill City Museum. I like the combination of the old and new. Along the river the ruins have been excavated next to a walking trail with interpretive signs.


This is where the water at the falls was diverted to power the mills. Below is an interpretive walkway through Mill Ruins Park. In the distance is the collapsed I35 bridge. Walking trails go along the river but were closed past this point because of the bridge collapse.


Across the river are other mills currently vacant waiting redevelopment. The old Stone Arch railroad bridge has been turned into a pedestrian crossing.


Other factories turned into lofts.



The MacPhail Center for Music campus under construction.


The new Guthrie Theater designed by Jean Nouvel and opened in 2006.


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The funny thing about the mill is that no one knew it was there until the late 1980's. It was buried under silt from the river. Now that they've excavated it, it's a nice place to hang out on a warm Spring day.

I'll be up there next week. It's about 500 yards from the collapsed I35W bridge. I'll see if I can take any photos.

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