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HAIF members ready for Hurricane Dean


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With the passing of tropical storm Erin, we've taken down the HAIF TS banner:


and now that the National Hurricane Center has put Houston at the edge of the Hurricane Dean five-day cone, we're hoisting the Hurricane banner:


On a more serious note, this also means that the Breaking News section remains open.

Long-term HAIFers will remember how the community came together in the wake of Hurricane Katrina and used HAIF to trade stories, pictures, information, advice, and helped each other locate loved ones. With Dean approaching, HAIF is once again becoming a central place for people to discuss the storm and how to prepare should it make a right turn up the coast.

Also, we have a Breaking News subsection called Official Dean NHC Advisories. This is automatically updated every time the National Hurricane Center puts out a new advisory about the storm.

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