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This college town, with just around 40,000 people, boasts one of the nation's top medical and engineering schools, and, in all, one of the nation's better public colleges.

While a conservative racial and political scene may be no indicater of, what is IMO, one of the few remainiong REAL college towns, there are several other indicaters.

1. Stillwater is the home of the very first Sonic Drive-In, now an Oklahoma City company.

2. On the Knoblock, you will also find the original Hideaway Pizza.

3. Eskimo Jo, perhaps the most famous thing from Stillwater, boasts the world's second most collected t-shirt, behind that of Hard Rock Cafe.

4. Stillwater boasts the National Wrestling Hall of Fame.

5. Stillwater native, the pop rock band All American Regects, are from and currently live in Stillwater.


Stillwater is one of Oklahoma's coldest cities, I believe just barely behind Gage. Oklahoma, a state once known for brutally cold winters, sees most of it's snowfall between Stillwater and Ponca City.


A sign off of the Turnpike, U.S. 412.

Oklahoma State University


Gallegher Iba Stadium. Home of the Oklahoma State basketball team, one of the nation's best basketball programs. :lol:


1. One of America's Best College Buys in the annual U.S. News & World Report rankings.

2. Consumers Digest Magazine has named Oklahoma State University as one of America

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