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Have they already started building some of these cottages? Over by where the cruise ships were docked, in a pretty run-down area of town, where the old wooden two-story homes not only had lost all their paint years ago and were now visibly leaning to the side, there were signs of new "cottages" being built. They were very nice! Does Galveston have any sort of "master plan" for renovating and rejuvenating the island? You can tell there's a lot of building activity going on, especially along the Seawall, and near the Medical Center, but you can also see that there still is a lot of neglected properties along the main drag into the island and near the cruise ship area. Is there any plan to work on cleaning up the area? This seems like it would help bring more tourists onto the island and well as showcase some of its' best features even better, like Bishop's Palace. The Convention Center on the Seawall was magnificent compared to what it looked like ten years ago, did they bulldoze it and start over? We loved the Moody Gardens with the Discovery, Aquarium and Rainforest Pyramids and the Colonel Steamboat Paddlewheeler. This seemed to be very well kept up and beautiful, but also very expensive to keep up. Does it make any money or is it all non-profit? Is the Moody Hotel and Convention Center non-profit as well? We also visited Space Center Houston and were very impressed as well. We saw two different IMAX films at both Space Center Houston and at Moody Gardens about the Johnson Space Center, and it really puts you in awe of the achievements of not only our astronauts but their support crews there as well. All in all, we had a great weekend in Galveston and look forward to going back soon. (BTW, we stayed at a county park (Dellanera) that was very nice for those with campers/trailers.)

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Yes, there is a "plan", though it doesn't seem very cohesive to me. City council just approved a large TIRZ, (Tax Increment Reinvestment Zone) area for major development near the airport. Galveston Liveable Communities recently spearheaded the trolley rail expansion, and also the Galveston Transit Terminal planned for downtown (the rederings look VERY nice). The new Galveston County Criminal Justice Center, (under construction) is totally going to change the entrance to the island on Broaway from about 61st to 54th street, with all sorts of retail planned for that area.

Unfortunatly Parrothead, with basically no industry besides tourism (thanks alot Houston Ship Channel :angry:) J/K, I don't see the poverty thing going anywhere anytime soon.

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Yes Galveston has an airport.


pineda, here is a wonderful site for keeping up with Galveston affairs and economic development: http://www.guidrynews.com/ Check out this specific audio on that site; "February 23, 2005 -- Galveston County Judge Jim Yarbrough updated the Historic Downtown Strand Partnership on the new Justice Center under construction; and its impact on Downtown..."

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