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METRO is only 26 years old as of this year. And METRORail came to town on the 25th birthday.

Now a little piece of history request. Since Texas Legislature passed a proposal to create major transit agencies throughout the state in 1973, but evil politics caused METRO to not be created till 1979.

Before METRO, I was told there was a previous private transit agency called HouTran. If anyone at this forum was around in the 70s, can you tell me what HouTran was like?

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I remember (vaguely) that the buses were in very poor condition and the air conditioning rarely worked and it was alot more lively (read: out of control) crowd at the time.

as far as scheduling goes, I don't have a clue, I was much too young to remember that part of it.

But note this is/was from a child's perspective. :D


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