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Sponge Bob On Fire?

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Sponge Bob blamed for restaurant fire

By MARCUS TANTILLO , Citizen Reporter

A Sponge Bob Square Pants inflatable figurine is blamed for fire on top of the Burger King restaurant at 7509 Spencer Highway.

The Pasadena Fire Marshal's office determined that a blower motor for the display started the fire tuesday night.

The blower motor was plugged into a receptacle on the roof with an air-conditioning unit, according to reports.

The blower motor kept tripping a breaker, causing the air conditioner to shut off.

A short circuit in the wiring to the blower motor caused the fire, according to Pasadena Fire Marshal Bill Yearout.

He said any time a breaker starts tripping the breaker should be left off until a professional electrician can determine what is causing it to trip.

It can be a faulty breaker or something that is over loading the circuit, Yearout said.

The fire damaged the roof, and interior of the restaurant suffered smoke and fire damage. The restaurant will remain closed until repairs are completed, Yearout said.

A passerby noticed flames and smoke on the roof and told those inside. The restaurant, which did not have any customers at the time, was evacuated of all of the employees. There were no reported injures caused by the fire. Firefighters were able to extinguish the fire in about 15 minutes, according to reports.


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