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  1. But unlike the others, the Woodlands seems to have it all (more complete), unlike the others. The riverwalk, the up and coming skyline, etc. The market square area is not the only part that is called downtown.

    In other words, if the Woodlands needed to survive on its own without Houston, it most likely could.

    uhh not.

  2. We walked around where we could this weekend and I'm really impressed. I really don't like most of these Town Market Centers because they're attempting to "be" or imitate something. CityCentre isn't trying to be a movie set or a street from a bi-gone era, it's what it is; and open air urban shopping district.

    I'm not a huge shopper so I doubt I will park and walk it often, but it does have a few things I will visit a couple times a year. Not hugely impressed with some of the restaurant choices, most are upscale chain. Anyway, I think they did a great job for the Memorial Area. I don't think residents would have bought into the 1950's movie set look, so this was a good choice.

    Does anyone know how the lofts and apartments are doing in pre-renting or sales?

  3. Cool thanks for the info. Memorial park is long due for an upgrade. I saw a jogger almost get killed by a stray hubcap the other day. They need to put a nice fence up against memorial.

    Jeez, I just got back from San Fransico and if you think Memorial is bad, you should see Highway One, The PCH. One false move and you're dead. No gaurd rails, no shoulder....just a loooooooong way down. A flying "hub cap" (do they exist anymore?) is nothing.

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  4. I recently visited town and loved this HEB! It combines many of the best features of a standard HEB and a Central Market.

    Sorry to hear there are some crime issues, but those can be worked out with the appropriate attention.

    Are there any other similar stores in the area? It seems a good direction for new stores in the more affluent areas of town.

    I went there yesterday and they have a security gaurd on a bike and a police officer near the exit door.

    I just wish they had more of the dips and salsas like Central Market does and not all the toys and "gifts." It makes the store too frustrating.

  5. This is excellent. You're absolutely right. It was open and light...and great point about the stairs. It was contemporary and felt like it was ahead of its time when you were in there.

    You and I are probably roughly the same age and grew up in the same area...with the same memories of this place. :) Playing Ikari Warriors at Tilt was all good.

    I used to walk my toddlers through T&C to Stride Rite in the late 90's,early 00's. Nicest, cleanest and quietest mall in the Houston area. It was light and happy and I always felt safe there..

    I wish that Neimans could have hung on. I think it would ahve done well in the new Centre thing that's going up.

    My husband claims the Beltway killed it. But it seems the City Centre marketers are counting on the Beltway to make it fly.

  6. There only two places to point the finger of blame in these situations: One is at the asshats who commit the crimes, and other is at the entities whcih fail to provide proper protection and security.

    So, one shouldn't take personal responsibility? Interesting. But that is the way America is going lately.

    No one deserves to be a victim of crime. Being cautious doesn't prevent you from being a victim of crime. But putting yourself in a situation that invites crime, and expecting it not to happen or expecting others to protect you, is absurd.

  7. Ok, I just got off the phone with the store Manager over there. I have gotten so I drop into that store, even though it's a monster, to pick up a few things before carpool. I always take these mailers with a grain of salt.

    Yes, there was a car break-in. The woman who wrote this email left her purse and her laptop on the front seat of her car and walked away. You don't do that anywhere in this town and expect NOT to be a victim of crime. sheesh. From reading that email several times, she glossed over that part of her story, taking NO accountability. Women get watched at grocery stores all the time. Pay two bucks and have a bagger go with you, no matter what store.

    Two, there was no abduction. Her crime was the only crime last week at that store.

    Anyway, just thought I would pass that along. The store has increased security and has fielded over 100 phone calls because of this letter, which could be considered somewhat slanderous in my opinion.

    Please pass this on to anyone who sends you this email. You don't punish a store for your own, hate to say it, stupidity. I'm sorry she was a victim of crime, but you don't leave temptation lying out in a big city. And now in a big city in a country that is failing and laying off people left and right.

  8. This rendering is missing the lovely, upscale chain-link fence that actually divides the Beltway feeder (top) from the Beltway itself (bottom). Hate that nasty thing.

    The Randall's isn't too bad of a walk from CityCentre, honestly. There are shaded sidewalks the whole way, no major streets or thoroughfares to cross, and the shortcut around the back of Pines Presbyterian cuts the walk time considerably.

    Yeah and that Randall's has a few 6 seater courtesy golf cart shuttles that I bet will be going back and forth quite a bit into CityCentre. My guess is that they will add more.

  9. Bingo! There has always been something that struck me as odd about the whole town centre concept but I could never pinpoint it. The whole idea is to mimic a town--a self contained residential/work space/retail/entertainment unit, right?

    With no grocery store, the concept is fundamentally flawed. Do the Woodlands and Sugarland have grocery stores in their TCs?

    The Woodlands has a HEB Market......but it's not exactly close to the brownstone area. It would be one hell of a walk carrying gorceries.

    I think CityCentre is going to have a specialties market.

  10. loooooooooooooooooooooooool!

    Uh huh... before this development opens? i wonder. The first few months are very telling for an establishment's success - the way the access is for the forseeable future is a complete joke. which is why i said the developer better cross their fingers...

    HUH? You have a huge portion of Memorial ( and their income) that have very easy access to this. Town and Country Village does a booming business and it's not exactly accessible from I-10 or the Beltway.

    Most of us in the area use Memorial for getting around anyway, so I-10 access isn't an issue. Due to the amount of disposable income around here, I think it will have great success. It's built more as a CityCentre for the area, not a tourist attraction.

    Most of these other Centers and Markets aren't visable from the freeways either.

    If you go to the KatyFreeway web site and read the prospectus and articles associated with it, there is a HUGE push to get I-10 done and NOW.

    i have ever confidence the "nightmare" will be over soon. (probably by the 1st or 2nd quarter of 2009)


    Apparently it's going to be finished in the Beltway area by October. And by the looks of it, it will be. I am amazed at what they have done in 4 years.

  11. Funny article, and true, $800K is a lot to spend. You can get something in uptown at the cost, which is better in location and in scenary.

    In order for a "City Center" to work, you need government/communty type locations. So as ugly as the post office may seem, it is a nice convenience.

    I understand the Post Office may be getting a face lift, so maybe that will help.

  12. If Academy is going in, they must be vacating their location near Voss/I-10...I liked that one as it was unique...and what's with the tenant list? Is this Katy?!?

    I agree with the tenant list. <_<

    I also like the Voss Academy and choose it first over all other locations.With the exception of the HEB,all the other stuff listed is sprinkled around within a two mile radius of this place. What gives? It doesn't fit the profile of the area.

  13. according to the latest article on Chron.com, Texas has beat New York State for the number of Fortune 500 companies in a particular state with 58 as opposed to New York's 57.

    For those that are curious and/or keeping count, Houston has 26, which increased from last year's 23.

    yay. Take that You Damned Yankees. :)

    One of our neighbors got put on the board of one of those companies last fall. Yesterday they moved out of the ghetto and into their 3.5 million dollars River Oaks house.

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  14. It seems the protestors got to the park before the homeless did! Today people walked through the park protesting ARAMARK. As of right now they are still there with their band instruments and loudspeakers.

    So much for a park being peaceful!

    Well, at least they are allowed to protest, unlike the private-public parks outside of Houston.

  15. Here's a map of the entire center: http://www.frpltd.com/FLIERS/West/Village_..._Hill_FLIER.pdf

    Tenants include, Olive Garden, Freebirds, Buffalo Wild Wings, Arbys, Panda Express, Candelaris, Becks Prime, Dennys, etc.

    If you zoom into the map, you can read the retailers' names on each building.

    ICK. Really? Those seem very average and really don't fit the demographics of the area. Its more like a line up you would find out in the suburbs somewhere.

    I agree, but that's too close to the existing location if they ever did build a second. I would expect Clear Lake/Pearland, the Woodlands, Cinco Ranch, and/or Sugar Land to be more likely choices for a second CM than anything inside the Beltway right now.

    A lot of those places already have some form of an HEB Market. You are right that maybe the location might be too close to the existing one. But there is a huge population in the Beltway area and west that would go to it, and the demographics of 77024 are perfect for that type of market.

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