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  1. Hello everyone,

    This post is probably going to be quiet different than others in this area, in the aspect that I was born and raised in Houston. My wife and I have been searching for a home for the past 6-8 months on HAR in Memorial High School zoning north of I-10. The problem is we are not finding anything that we can afford (below $300K), so I am hoping someone here could possiblely lend a hand. I have looked at the zoning line maps on SBISD, but sometimes these maps don't include all areas. My question for y'all is if you know any pockets in this area? Maybe a place where the zoning line is through a neighborhood or where one side of the street is Memorial and the other is a different school. If you know of anytthing or have any advice, please let me know. If you dont want to post it here, I understand, please email me or PM me.

    Thank you in advance,



    The problem is everyone wants to go to that school. It's even hard to find houses under 300k,that are liveable, that go to Stratford. You could find a townhouse for that price range. North of the freeway is cheaper, but not that cheap if it's zoned to MHS. I know it's frustrating, but there's no trick to how to get in. There are no "grey" streets, no transfers. Heck, most of the those streets north of I-10, that are zoned to MHS, weren't a few years back. There was a major uproar about it, and some are still not happy.

    Sorry I couldn't be of more help.

    Ok, I just looked at HAR.COM. Does this not work for you? http://search.har.com/engine/dispSearch.cf...mp;Address=1522 Glourie

    It's small, but you can't be too picky in that price range if you want that school. Some builder will buy it and build a million dollar house soon enough

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  2. I believe much of the blame for the destruction of Memorial bend architecture is the Memorial Bend Architecture Committee. They should be the gatekeeper and protect the architecture. Instaed, they have given these builders a license to create whatever they want. Do not blame the builders.

    Our ACC is really getting rather strict in our little subdivision. This only happened after a massive remuddle took the board for a ride, with revamping,constant addtions, and inspection failures. The board of volunteers were just way too nice and the 1960's deed restrictions did not forsee people knocking down 5000 sf houses just to replace them with bigger ones. As a result, we have a 1960's Tudor changed into a Hill Country type house, with a roof that changes pitch and grade 5 or 6 times . It literally looks like a staircase in places. The two story, faux limestone Alamo garage, with no windows, is lovely too.

    The three new builds going on right now are rather nice. The ACC buckled down to not allow a garages on the front. The first new build snuck it in so that the door was swung to the side, but side of the garage was still part of the facade. After seeing that the neighborhood was not happy with even that, now it must be behind the residence. THANK GOD! The lots in here are very generous, there is no reason to have a "car house" on the front.

    I really perfer when people just gut the snot out of the old houses and leave the exteriors alone for the most part. The homes look like brand new construction on the inside, but they don't clash with the olders homes on the outside. Also, the new builds are just so massive in scale, they almost eat the lot they sit on, and not just the small lots either. Some neighborhoods have changed so much over the past 15 years that there are only one or two ranchs/colonials left on every street.

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  3. Yeah, I think those lanterns are ugly and they don't go with the house, but it's a small negative.

    I toured this house yesterday. I think it's a screaming deal for the location. But honestly, I just don't know if the flat roof is something we are willing the deal with. My husband is strictly against them. But the LIGHT in this house is amazing.

    Adding: The kitchen is updated, but I felt the urge to rip it all out. It's just not high quality enough for the house.

  4. But unlike the others, the Woodlands seems to have it all (more complete), unlike the others. The riverwalk, the up and coming skyline, etc. The market square area is not the only part that is called downtown.

    In other words, if the Woodlands needed to survive on its own without Houston, it most likely could.

    uhh not.

  5. We walked around where we could this weekend and I'm really impressed. I really don't like most of these Town Market Centers because they're attempting to "be" or imitate something. CityCentre isn't trying to be a movie set or a street from a bi-gone era, it's what it is; and open air urban shopping district.

    I'm not a huge shopper so I doubt I will park and walk it often, but it does have a few things I will visit a couple times a year. Not hugely impressed with some of the restaurant choices, most are upscale chain. Anyway, I think they did a great job for the Memorial Area. I don't think residents would have bought into the 1950's movie set look, so this was a good choice.

    Does anyone know how the lofts and apartments are doing in pre-renting or sales?

  6. Cool thanks for the info. Memorial park is long due for an upgrade. I saw a jogger almost get killed by a stray hubcap the other day. They need to put a nice fence up against memorial.

    Jeez, I just got back from San Fransico and if you think Memorial is bad, you should see Highway One, The PCH. One false move and you're dead. No gaurd rails, no shoulder....just a loooooooong way down. A flying "hub cap" (do they exist anymore?) is nothing.

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  7. I recently visited town and loved this HEB! It combines many of the best features of a standard HEB and a Central Market.

    Sorry to hear there are some crime issues, but those can be worked out with the appropriate attention.

    Are there any other similar stores in the area? It seems a good direction for new stores in the more affluent areas of town.

    I went there yesterday and they have a security gaurd on a bike and a police officer near the exit door.

    I just wish they had more of the dips and salsas like Central Market does and not all the toys and "gifts." It makes the store too frustrating.

  8. There only two places to point the finger of blame in these situations: One is at the asshats who commit the crimes, and other is at the entities whcih fail to provide proper protection and security.

    So, one shouldn't take personal responsibility? Interesting. But that is the way America is going lately.

    No one deserves to be a victim of crime. Being cautious doesn't prevent you from being a victim of crime. But putting yourself in a situation that invites crime, and expecting it not to happen or expecting others to protect you, is absurd.

  9. Ok, I just got off the phone with the store Manager over there. I have gotten so I drop into that store, even though it's a monster, to pick up a few things before carpool. I always take these mailers with a grain of salt.

    Yes, there was a car break-in. The woman who wrote this email left her purse and her laptop on the front seat of her car and walked away. You don't do that anywhere in this town and expect NOT to be a victim of crime. sheesh. From reading that email several times, she glossed over that part of her story, taking NO accountability. Women get watched at grocery stores all the time. Pay two bucks and have a bagger go with you, no matter what store.

    Two, there was no abduction. Her crime was the only crime last week at that store.

    Anyway, just thought I would pass that along. The store has increased security and has fielded over 100 phone calls because of this letter, which could be considered somewhat slanderous in my opinion.

    Please pass this on to anyone who sends you this email. You don't punish a store for your own, hate to say it, stupidity. I'm sorry she was a victim of crime, but you don't leave temptation lying out in a big city. And now in a big city in a country that is failing and laying off people left and right.

  10. This rendering is missing the lovely, upscale chain-link fence that actually divides the Beltway feeder (top) from the Beltway itself (bottom). Hate that nasty thing.

    The Randall's isn't too bad of a walk from CityCentre, honestly. There are shaded sidewalks the whole way, no major streets or thoroughfares to cross, and the shortcut around the back of Pines Presbyterian cuts the walk time considerably.

    Yeah and that Randall's has a few 6 seater courtesy golf cart shuttles that I bet will be going back and forth quite a bit into CityCentre. My guess is that they will add more.

  11. Bingo! There has always been something that struck me as odd about the whole town centre concept but I could never pinpoint it. The whole idea is to mimic a town--a self contained residential/work space/retail/entertainment unit, right?

    With no grocery store, the concept is fundamentally flawed. Do the Woodlands and Sugarland have grocery stores in their TCs?

    The Woodlands has a HEB Market......but it's not exactly close to the brownstone area. It would be one hell of a walk carrying gorceries.

    I think CityCentre is going to have a specialties market.

  12. OK, I get your point about them putting up with a lot in public schools but you are also confirming the other downside of private schools -- they want the appearance of being super-strict with kids so people feel they are getting their money's worth. But the other side of that is that they cater to parents because they are also paying big bucks. I was chatting the other day with a neighbor who had taught at Northland Christian and she was saying how she didn't last but a few months because of the behavior problems she faced and that the school was unwilling to handle those kids because of their parents.

    If you are hell-bent on sending your child to private school, I'm sure you'll feel like it is worth every penny. I also feel like I'm getting my tax dollars' worth with my two in middle school. Ironically, they attend what most people consider is a "bad" Title I middle school... when my son was asked in 7th Grade to participate in the Duke Talent Program and as part of that took the SAT with high school students and did pretty well... that's when I realized I was truly getting my money's worth.

    How is expelling problematic children an "appearance?"

    I think public and private are equally good educations, depending on the child. So, I don't know why you are getting your nose out of joint calling our decision "hell-bent."

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