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  1. If the Alamo Drafthouse plans had been released first, I doubt Flix would have seriously considered a site just a mile away. One has to wonder if they might rethink their plans. Of course, World of Beer moved into Sugar Land Town Square after the Flying Saucer, and they draw completely different clientele, so who knows?
  2. From chron.com Gallery Furniture, well known for its flagship site on the North Freeway, is planning to build a bigger store in Richmond. Groundbreaking on the property, next to the Santikos Palladium Theatres on the Grand Parkway, will take place sometime between now and the end of April, owner Jim "Mattress Mack" McIngvale said. http://www.chron.com/neighborhood/fortbend/business/article/Mattress-Mack-plans-over-the-top-Fort-Bend-5354158.php?cmpid=hpts#photo-6081614
  3. I've seen abandoned grocery stores converted into WhirlyBall venues. If you've never played, check it out: http://www.whirlyball.com/home/index.php
  4. I visited this location once. Didn't see anything that made me want to come back.
  5. The Fiesta Market Place in Sugar Land is closing less than a year after it opened. http://blog.chron.com/primeproperty/2014/03/sugar-land-area-fiesta-is-closing/
  6. So, LookingToMove, does this mean that you finally made your choice? Is it Aliana? C'mon, inquiring minds want to know!
  7. Drove past there today. I saw workers in and around the building. Looks like they're done with the roof, but they're still working on the outside masonry. The doors to the building were also open, so there's probably work going on inside as well.
  8. I haven't heard anything new on Aliana. I drive through there quite a bit, and it looks like they're making good progress on the community center. I was also pleasantly surprised recently to find that West Bellfort goes straight through to Harlem Road (you no longer have to navigate the 90-degree turns on Madden Road). In this economy, I'm pretty sure Aliana is not the only development experiencing a slowdown.
  9. Interesting ... Cali~girl removed all of her (or his) posts. Now, just like on City-data, we're left with a whole bunch of "orphaned comments" ...
  10. The posts at City-Data have been deleted, and I haven't seen anything backed up by research. All I see is innuendo.
  11. What do you think? And for the record, this will be my last response to you, Cali~girl. I knew better than to feed a troll, but did it anyway.
  12. For the record ... I just visited each builder's Web site for each of those neighborhoods. Meritage is the builder in Bretton Woods and Waterchase, and they are now promoting "lower" prices ($174,880-$272,880). Mercedes is the builder in Wedgewood (priced $180s-$240s).
  13. These are the planned neighborhoods east of the new road: Bretton Woods, $235-$350s Waterchase, $200s-$300s Wedgewood, $200s Now, I know it's all relative, but those prices don't sound "cheap" ...
  14. It's the master-planned community at Highway 90A and Grand Parkway. New Territory is divided by the Grand Parkway, which is currently 4-6 lanes (plus a wide median), but will eventually be a freeway ...
  15. Hmmm ... sounds a little bit like New Territory, don'tcha think?
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