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  1. There is a Prairie View satellite campus at Stuebner Airline and Cypresswood. This is the PV campus that that was part of the debate.
  2. Thanks to this thread (especially Parrothead for listing the streets), I found my first home! After seeing the photos posted here I started watching the streets listed on har.com. Here are more pictures Thanks again for all the information!
  3. I've heard that rumor but it's been a while. I haven't heard anything definite about who is considering moving to the campus. I'm scheduled to move to a new building in late January, so I imagine it would be a few months later before anyone would move in. I'm not sure if Exxon considered the same property UH wanted. It's currenlty vacant and has already been sold to an investor.
  4. I realize there was a campus on 290, but the proposed UH site was on the 249 campus. I work on the 249 campus. HP will be selling or leasing most of the buildings closest to 249 and will be consolidating the workforce in the remaining buildings.
  5. since the location has been a hot bed of misinformation, I have to correct you here. The proposed location is at the HP campus at Louetta and 249, not 290. This is the only HP campus in Houstion.
  6. Especially since there will be 10k + professionals from HP, Exxon, et al working essentially on the same campus.
  7. HP finalized the sale of part of the main campus on 249 June 25, so I think we can be pretty sure this is the property UH is interested in. The 290 property isn't part of a "larger corporate campus".
  8. Hi Parrothead, I really like these early Life Forms homes too. My aunt was an interior designer for Life Forms in the mid-90s and I always thought they had great designs. Would you mind posting the streets with the early Life Forms homes? Thanks!
  9. HP is in the process of vacating five, 8-10 story buildings on the 249 campus and consolidating the employees in the remaining buildings (I work in one of these buildings). In addition, there are 3 other office buildings and a manufacturing building that are already vacant (I think this is what the Chronicle article refers to for UH as there are 3 office buildings, 1 manufacturing building and 4 parking garages... this section of campus is kind of separate from the rest.) I've heard Exxon is one of the new tenants and I've also heard the UH rumors before the Chronicle article. There certainly would be plenty of space for someone other than Exxon. I think the Prarie View concern is because of their "campus" at Cypresswood and Stuebner Airline.
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