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  1. The District Bistro (Texas and Main) has re-opened as the District Market - and now is a pretty stocked mini-grocery store with a premium version of just about every pantry staple, along with a freezer and fridge section.  Great alternative to the "What can I get at CVS?" option for the neighborhood.

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  2. 5 minutes ago, Amlaham said:

    I rode the electric scooters in downtown last weekend with my friends and it was honestly very fun. The streets were way more lively than normal. The scooters also were VERY prevalent in downtown. If you drive around at night on the weekend, you'll be sure to spot at least 20+ scooters.

    Glad you had fun in Downtown.  It's a great neighborhood in the evenings whatever your interests.  My advice to anyone riding these downtown is to mind the one-way nature of the street-grid, and keep your head on a swivel for the cars (I see them daily) going the wrong way down streets - they cannot see the traffic lights (none are pointed towards wrong-way drivers) and they absolutely blow through intersections at full speed.

    Have fun and be safe!

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  3. This bar may not end up being my scene, but have high hopes for it moving the center of gravity for entertainment in this part of town. Especially for pre-post Astros game, I think they will draw big crowds considering how much cheaper and plentiful the parking is over here. Already lots of folks park and take the easy walk from here. 

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  4. This space formerly housed Tiki bar Kanaloa and Bitterman's Market Square Bar & Grill.  It will now be part of a chain, and build out has been in progress for a couple weeks based on my observations.  

    A CBD Restaurant With a ‘Real Housewives of Atlanta’ Connection Will Open in Houston



    Dennis McKinley, the on-again, off-again fiancé of Real Housewives of Atlanta star Porsha Williams, will continue his Houston takeover with the opening of CBD-focused cocktail lounge in Downtown.

    The Original Hot Dog Factory, another restaurant owned by McKinley, opened a Houston outpost in August 2020.

    Cru Hemp Lounge, which was founded by McKinley in Atlanta a decade ago, is undergoing a major growth spurt, with franchises opening in Dallas, Washington D.C., and now, according to Instagram, Houston.

    The club, which is apparently popular with celebrities in Atlanta, is billed as a hookah lounge, bar and fast-casual restaurant, offering items like elaborately-flavored shisha mixes, cloying “Crutails” with ingredients like Belvedere wild berry vodka, peach and raspberry liqueur, and cranberry and orange juice, and bar bites like wings, quesadillas and sliders.

    Paperwork filed with Harris County indicates the lounge will be located at 311 Travis Street. That’s the former location of rum bar Kanaloa, which opened in 2018 and apparently closed recently, likely due to COVID-19 bar limitations. A real estate listing for that address was created on November 5, 2020.


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