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I haven't personally used them, but my former employer used Cantu for a move of our office. And the owners of the place I worked used them for a move to a new house, and were very pleased.

I've also heard good things about 3 Men.

I can't remember who I used for last move in 2004. It was neither of those companies. However, it was super cheap, and I needed the move to be as cheap as possible at the time. Unfortunately they did not show up at the scheduled date and time, and made all kinds of excuses when I kept calling about why the movers had not shown up. Finally after being hung up on twice by one woman when I was trying to find out where my movers were (this was 3 hours after they were supposed to be there), I got a guy on the phone who was honest and told me they couldn't move me that day because they were overbooked and not enough employees showed up that day. They did get me moved early the next day -- at about 6:45 AM on a Sunday morning -- and knocked off about 40% of the original quote for the move. Wish I could remember that company's name.

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